Fit in 30days, Day 4: Any chance i get.

Surprisingly i don’t feel too sore today, i don’t feel too tired i feel like i can actually get on with my day without my arms and legs throbbing. i do feel the need to clear floor space in the study so i can do sit ups between my work activities.

Avoiding the bad stuff
Im not sure if it is down to my subconscious wanting me to loose weight or if im too tired to walk to the shops today but i have found my self resiting things like Crips and Chocolate.

At every oppitunity i have found my self on my back doing sit ups too, im not sure where this new motivation has come from but im really enjoying feeling heather and being able to move quicker.

With Fitstar work outs i stuck to the Get Lean Program, this was mainly due to feeling like yesterday was so difficult.

with Fitstar Yoga i tried the sleep time streches, nothing too intense.The noise of the work out poluted by the popping and creakng of my bones,

Apps mentioned 


FitStar Yoga

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