Fit in 30days, Day 3:Feeing, strangely, fine

Day 3, I occasionally work night shifts so it’s hard to work out eh exact ending of one day and another. Day 3 started at while I was on night shift.

Still suffering from the pain of day 2 it took a lot of motivation to get my self moving on day 3. However even after just 2 days I noticed I wanted to be more and more active. Normally when I feel my self dropping off to sleep il get a cup of coffee or red bull, but I found my self getting in to a plank position or sitting down for a couple of push ups.

I thought this was due to tiredness but even after I finished work I still found my self wanting to be more active, I even racked up
18,000 steps during the day.

Weigh in
As soon as I made it home I jumped on the scales to see if there had been any weight reduction, I know 2 days of work outs is optimistic.
I was amazed to see I had lost 2lbs after only 2 days of work outs… I went to bed on a high.

While cycling through the settings I noticed that there was a work out routine that was recommended for me. This is the Get Lean fat burning program. Great, I selected the routine and dived straight in to my work out. I have to mention at this point I was presently surprised. Most fitness apps I have tired will just re-order existing workouts, then claim that the order helps me in some magical way. This wasn’t the case the Get Lean Pack had an entirely different selection of moves and I was sweating in seconds.

Satisfied that I could no longer see due to the amount of sweat dripping down my face I then selected the flexible in 15 Workout with the yoga app and breathed and stretched my self back to life.

Apps mentioned 


FitStar Yoga

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