Fit in 30days, Day 2: The Encouragement

Day 2

I woke up feeling sore, you know that kinda sore when your arms and legs hurt but its an enjoyable pain clearly FitStar, has been working or maybe it was all of the planks and downward dogs that  FitStar Yoga forced me to do, what ever it was I’m feeling sore from it.

like most mornings i reached for my phone, which due to my sore arms felt like it was weighted down with an anchor, i tweeted Fitstar to tell them of my pain.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 02.57.19

to which FitStar Replied

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 02.57.39

and also mentioned me as a FitStar

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 02.57.48

I felt like i have just been accepted in to a family rather then sign up for a punishing fitness app and i was glad for the encouragement.

Weigh in

The Bathroom was cold, my feet almost sticking to the cold floor, i took of my dressing gown and stepped on the scales, i had been over a year since i weighted my self, i slowly opened my eyes. 18.10 Stone the scales blinked back at me, “okay could be worse” but that dose make me obese by the BMI scale. I stare at the scales even after the numbers have gone, “this is why I’m doing this challenge” i tell my self.


Today I threw my self on to my sore thumping arms and legs, still upset from the scales this morning  i want to really commit my self to this 30day challenge.

I set the app up to work on Chest and Core which was  11 minutes and Legs and Back a further 14 minutes. by the end of these 25 punishing minutes i could hardly see for sweat dripping in to my eyes. i opened up FitStar Yoga, hoping to find a nice relaxing Yoga workout to cool down too.

This wasn’t the case, but not due to the application, I’m currently having issues with my home broadband and i wasn’t able to download the yoga routine, for some reason the FitStar Yoga app isn’t preloaded with them and instead has to download them one by one when you want to do them, “oh well” i thought. left the routine to download over 3G and jumped in the shower.

Apps mentioned 

  • FitStarmzl.eklvpxxv.512x512-75
  • FitStar Yogaicon175x175

Total Cost

FitStar – £3.99 a month + FitStar Yoga £5.99 a month = £10 a month

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