Fit in 30days, Day 1: The Plunge

This isn’t the normal type of posts i write on here, but i wanted to try an experiment, i wanted to see i could change my life in 30days using an iPhone and 3 apps, well okay life maybe a bit overly dramatic but i want to be a fitter person.

There is a small select group of readers out there that know me personally, they know i used to be a solider in the Army, they also know i used walk 8 miles before breakfast and run 6 miles before dinner. This has changed since becoming a father, my weight jumped from 13 stone to 18, my fitness plummeted, my hair greyed.

So here is my story

I stood on the train home looking at pictures of me and my son, we are both happy and smiling its a nice sunny day but i have a stomach, i have never had a stomach, not like that it dots suit me. so i decide i want to do something about it.In the past i have used apps like Carrot and map my run to no avail i need something that will really help me loose the weight.

I open up the app store and look in the health an fitness section, there is one app that jumps out. its called FitStar, i had just read in the news that FitStar was bought out by the company FitBit, (i have wanted a Fitbit for a long time) its a free download so okay i take the plunge and download it, when i get home i fire the app up and it dives straight to a 6minute work out, after each exercise it asks how the exercise was, this seems great the app wants to know what i find hard so it can tailor the work out more for me.

The 6 Minutes come to an end I decide to buy the monthly subscription, i look in to other FitStar apps, and i see FitStar Yoga, (well in for a penny) i download that and sign up for the subscription.

I runt the introduction Yoga routine which like FitStar asks me to rate poses and asked for feedback the routines lasts about 20mins, i feel great and hop in the shower feeling energetic. I hope everyday feels like Day 1.

Next day, Day 2

Apps mentioned 

  • FitStarmzl.eklvpxxv.512x512-75
  • FitStar Yogaicon175x175

Total Cost

FitStar – £3.99 a month + FitStar Yoga £5.99 a month = £10 a month

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