Apps for the (Busy) Inner Self

Its March, the New Year is well behind us and well intended New years resolutions are possibly hanging by a shoe lace.

Here is my pick of the best ‘inner self’ apps out there.

Firstly when I say ‘inner self’ I mean things like concentration and meditation. I know it’s a bit of a change to my normal posts, but stay with me.

Yoga and Fitness
When it comes to keeping your fitness levels up, there is only one app I can recommend that is Sworkit
Sworkit is a great all-round app that plays heavily on the 7 minute work out genre. Select exercise, duration, and then away you go.

Sworkit also comes with a Yoga option. This could do with a little work, for example, describing how to do the work out rather then just showing a video, but otherwise its brilliant.

If you are really wanting to focus on Yoga then I would recommend Yoga Studio.
Yoga Studio gives you the personal-class experience, there is a wide selection of exercises on offer. An instructors voice guides you through each exercise in detail, from how you should be stretching to how you should be breathing at any given moment.

Yoga Studio was a little expensive, but I really wanted an app I paid once for and didn’t have to pay a subscription.

If you have an iPhone 5s or greater, it is worth adding NIKE+ fuel to the list of apps. Nike Fuel recently changed the way it works from using the wrist band to using the motion sensor in your phone. you can read a great article about it here

I have found a huge part of keeping to my resolutions is to have a little meditation/thinking time.
This was the hardest app to find, I’m a busy guy, I work 9 to 5 and have a family, it’s not easy to sit down and say “okay I’m going to think quietly for 15mins now” so after trawling the app store for months I came across Buddhify.

Im going to write a separate review about Buddhify at a later date, but it has really surprised me.
When you launch the app you are presented with a Pin Wheel of activities, these include, walking, sitting still, travelling, online, and the list continues.

Buddhify offers an experience I have never seen before, it promotes you to be active while meditating and instead of most common practices, pushes you to be in busy places with background noise. Essentially its the meditation app for busy people and people on the go.

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