Why I gave up iCloud mail

I am A apple fan, I wouldn’t say fan boy, but I’m a fan of most things apple do. But the past few weeks I have felt a massive weight lifted, I feel better and more organised and all because I made one simple change.

I decided to Drop apples iCloud Mail and moved to Gmail, I’m sure there is going to be a lot of people grabbing pitch forks and don-ing hoods when they see this, but in my defence, i want the best experience, and apple no longer offers that with iCloud mail.

Why Did I Swap?
The moves wasn’t taken lightly but at one point I was getting a lot of junk mail. I have used the Same email address for about 6 years and in that time I have built up a lot of junk. Apple has no way of junking email, i mean like setting up rules and saying always junk this type of mail, there is also no rules that will let me auto add to folders or even add special email contacts, yes i know there is VIP but its not the same.

So i swapped i moved to Gmail i spent 2/3 hours setting up rules to auto bin, add messages from my family to the “family folder” add things like iTunes bills to important and make sure i read them and thats it.. it took 3 hours and i can sleep at night knowing i won’t have 30emails in the morning and i can always find emails because they are sorted by rules.. well done Gmail..Come on Apple Catch up!

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