“backing up isn’t sexy” (One Drive)

I saw an amazing study today, apparently over 70% of pictures posted to social media are taken using an iPhone.

So this made me think, every member of my family at least once has asked me how they take pictures of their phone to save time space and back up.

How to back up you iPhone photos (without doing much!)

so first things first, when you think of a back up option most people will think of a really long and boring thing and to give a quote “backing up isn’t sexy” but its a thing everyone should do, especially now its so easy.

The Basics
Lets start at the beginning, you have an iPhone (or android) and you have lots of photos and movies and you want to keep them safe. But maybe look back at them every now and then, well in that case there is 2 options.

Option 1 itunes
okay plug your phone in to iTunes and tell it to aim your photos at a folder and pop done.. okay its a little more then that, but you get my point, the drawback here is.. you need to sit down at your computer and plug your phone in.

Option 2 Cloud
Cloud Storage is underrated, trust me. There is so many different options out there for you to use to, there is dropbox, one drive or even apples own. But there is one massive draw that made me go to one drive.

Dropbox offers 2gb of data, lets be honest that isn’t a lot.. at all.
Apple offers 5 yeah.. okay thats more then 2 but really? is only about 1600 photos.
One Drive offers 30gb… i know right why are you still reading this go get it, il wait here.

One Drive
Okay your back, now you have one drive you going to want to open the app and inside of settings press, camera upload. i lied earlier One drive only offers about 15GB but as soon as you activate Camera uploads that jumps to 30GB..

Now here is the super simple part, before you go to bed tonight, put your phone on charge, open one drive and lock your phone, while you are on WIFI it will back all of your photos up. Simple as that.

One Drive also has a Mac and PC app so you can upload your pictures there too, and the UI for viewing pictures is beautiful.

Still Hungry?
So Maybe, 30Gb isn’t enough.. i mean really? you can up that by an extra 100gb, find out how

Essentially, all you need to do is get dropbox account if you don’t have one, add a file that one drive gives you and pop 100gb extra for a year… nice and easy huh!

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