We are all fans of helpful and useful apps, we especially love developers who keep producing amazing apps.

Your first question is possibly what is tapbots?

Well tapbots are the creators behind some of the greatest apps I have ever used.

Calcbot is an app I stumbled across yesterday and I’m so happy I found it, Calcbot takes the standard apple calculator, rips it apart and makes a perfectly superior app.

As you can see from the image, Calcbot keeps it simple and shows you the answer but under that shows you the sum, you are able to save commonly used sums and even save a history. This alone makes it a perfect app, but there is more. There is an IAP that offers conversations. By swiping left Calcbot becomes a unit converter and the answer to your sum is available to be converted (this is an IAP I haven’t bought but really want to)

There is so much that has been said by Tweetbot I really don’t know what I can add. It’s a little pricy but let this be my only statement. I used Twitter on the Twitter client, I downloaded Tweetbot on a whim and now I use Twitter everyday. The way data is presented is beautiful and seamless. If your a Twitter user you really need Tweetbot.

Tapbots are up there with my absolute favourite developers, doing things you wish apple would do for a very reasonable price.

Check tapbots out on the App Store trust me you won’t regret any of their apps

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