WorkFlow for IOS

If a huge huge fan of automation, hell I do it in my job every day, so when i find an app that helps me automate my personal life i grab it with both hands

An app was let loose in to the wild this week an app called Workflow, and if you have been a fan of the 5by5 Mac Power users podcast you would have heard the hosts talking about it a lot.

What dose it do?
Well Workflow is a little like automator dose for the Mac, it lets you set out work flows. If you are not sure what workflows are they are essentially actions, so i could make a work flow to give me directions, and each step inside the work flow would be an action, an action to get my location, a action to ask for the destination, well you get the idea.

Why do i care?
well you should care, workflow has the potential to be big and by big i mean huge.

Imagine you deliver pizzas for a living and you use a customers postcode to find the address, well set up a work flow that asks you for a postcode and then gets directions, it’s a small time saving but it’s a big help.

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