Hipster CEO-2 (a pre Beta review)

its 11:02 pm and I’m wide awake. Why am i so wide awake.. I’m a parent of a 2 year old i should be sleep deprived.. well something just happened that woke me up that thing is Hipster CEO-2

For all those that know me you will know I’m very very impatient, id rather walk out of a shop without buying anything then wait in a queue. After Waiting what has felt like years and years i could see Hipster CEO 2 on the horizon. If you have no idea what I’m talking about see here.

After a little back and forth the Developer Ger added me to the test flight (beta) and gave me permission to do a little post on the beta..


So here is Hipster CEO-2 (a very early version)

First impressions
its difficult to compare a Beta (not even really a Beta more of an Alpha) to a fully polished and launched game so I’m going to be very sparing here and look at only two things.

Firstly compared to Hipster CEO (1) the game play is much much faster, moving between menus is instant.
secondly the game is intelligent, what i mean by this is unlike CEO-1 where you would have to assign work the workers seem to get on with it and there is very little micro managing needed.

It would be wrong of me not to call out the few changes that have been implemented. Unlike CEO-1 you have an energy bar. Each action uses up a little bit of energy hiring a staff member uses a little running a campaign uses a little more, the bar shoots down but it also shoots back up

IMG_1716-0 there is simple watch this ad to increase your energy in the app and there looks like there may be options to IAP energy Which is fine, we need to support Indie developers and Ger is fricking awesome

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