Mailbox for IOS

im a big fan of Apples Stock applications, I mean there is nothing wrong with calendar and mail but sometimes there is better apps out there.

Today we are talking about mailbox, yea i know its been around for a very very long time now. i remember signing up for the code and being on the staged roll out. nearly 3 years ago.

Why Talk about it now?
Why after 3 years do i feel the need to review this app, well its rapidly getting better and better and with the most recent update it has become a lot more stable, i know it has had a lot of bad press in the past but i think its passed that now.

using it
I spent a lot of time jumping between mail apps, i used Gmail, mail, mailbox, dispatch and i have finally settled on mailbox. but why? well here we go.

Mailbox offers a auto swipe feature, this is a little hit and miss at times but when it works it really works. what auto swipe dose is remembers what you do to emails for example do you get a lot of junk? well set up an auto swipe from the sender and pop all the junk will not go straight in the bin, do you receive invoices that you have to deal with the next day, auto swipe a alert tomorrow and pop these emails won’t bother you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.13.12

Its not all great news, autoswipe will attempt to set its own swipes up based on your actions which if for one week your binning emails from your wife well auto swipe will think you want them all binned.

you can turn of and change auto swipes but really i think its a key aspect of the app and you should really keep it on. another feature i love is the way the app displays emails, its not like most email apps but it shows a conversation, this means you can see a thread without having to scroll down, huge! especially if you have long email convos.

id really recommend you go out and give Mailbox a try now its been updated it may surprise you.

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